The Ministry of Transportation Ontario is the approval authority for the traffic study and they required the Traffic Impact Study, prepared by RJ Burnside, to include traffic contribution assessment to a horizon year of 2034 including traffic generated from the Wright Business Park, the other City annexed lands and the general growth in traffic volumes. Xinyi has provided the estimated the future traffic contribution from the Xinyi plant alone.

The current traffic upgrade plan will be able to handle all anticipated traffic growth not only for Xinyi facility (Phase 1 & Phase 2), but also for other annexed lands (Parcel B, C, & D) and future development of Wright Industrial Park. The Traffic Report indicates that the road network will be able to handle Weekday AM Peak Hour (cars & trucks) for 1,435 vehicles, subject to the road improvements set out above.

Once operational, Xinyi’s facility will be generating approximately 230 trips during AM peak hour including cars and trucks, which is only 16% of 1,435 vehicles from all sources.

Please note that there are various travel routes for employees and the trucking of glass and, therefore, the forecasted 1435 vehicles (total 2-way) will be dispersed along various routes (e.g. Highway 7 south, Stratford by-pass road, Highway 8, etc.), thereby reducing the traffic volume increases in any one route to a fraction of the overall increase.