Xinyi is by law committed to meeting all environmental regulations including Section 9 of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act and Ontario Local Air Quality Regulation (O.Reg.419). Xinyi has completed work to predict the main air emissions from the facility. These studies have included preliminary dispersion modelling, which are predicting that the facility will be able to meet all Point Impingement limits, defined by the MECP’s O.Reg.419. The MECP regulates contaminants in air to protect communities who live close to these sources. As per the MECP’s Guideline A12, the regulation aims to limit substances released into the air that can affect human health and environment, and requires industries to operate responsibly under a set of rules that are publicly transparent.
As such, Xinyi is working directly with the MECP through several and on-going meetings. Next steps will involve preparing additional emission summary and dispersion modelling reports to support their approval registration. These reports will be completed following requirements of O.Reg.419 and will be subject to MECP audit, and continuous monitoring and reporting throughout the operation of the facility.