Water is used primarily for cooling and process control for operation of the glass furnace. Xinyi does not use antifreeze as cooling agents to avoid negative environmental impacts. Instead water cooling is adopted. Cooling water is re-circulated and re-used after conditioning within an enclosed system. To conserve water usage, cooling water is released for discharge after many cycles of re-circulation and re-use. The water discharged has mineral content similar to that of incoming water supply, except at higher concentrations. Depending on the mineral content of water supply at Stratford, water usage may be reduced further (below 2,500 cu.m./day) if concentration of mineral content is low. The quality of cooling water discharge is well within acceptable level for discharge to the Stratford wastewater treatment plant. The water usage of Xinyi’s facility will increase Stratford’s water usage by 7.8%, increasing Stratford’s total water usage from 30.8% to 38.6% of available supply. Approximately 60% of Xinyi’s water usage will evaporate as steam, back to the atmosphere as part of regional or global hydrologic water cycle.