Re-build Canadian Glass Products Supply Chain
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The $400 million investment will directly create 320 advanced manufacturing job opportunities in Stratford, Ontario

Currently, Canada is 100% reliant on the importation of float glass used in the manufacturing of everyday consumer goods, including windows and doors, shower and patio doors; mirror products; curtain wall glass for high rises; bus shelters; automotive and electronic glass.

The Stratford facility will establish a secure Canadian source of float glass with capacity capable of meeting the demands of the Canadian market, with roughly 70% of the float glass manufacturing capacity and 80% of the energy saving glass manufacturing capacity supporting Canadian demand, and will eliminate the current 100% reliance on glass importation for Canadian markets.

The significant reduction in transportation of imported float glass products from the USA and overseas, and the implementation of the next generation of energy saving coated glass will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of all glass products used by Canadians.

Xinyi would like to invest in Ontario, which has been home to Xinyi Glass offices for more than 20 years

Xinyi Glass is a leading global glass manufacturer. Its first North American glass facility will enable Xinyi to supply premium glass products from Stratford, Ontario to its North American clients with Made in Canada glass products, manufactured by a Canadian workforce to suit Canadian weather and applications.
With three offices in Ontario and currently employing over 80 employees, Xinyi Glass has been servicing the Canadian glass industry for over 20 years, with products including float glass, energy-saving low-e coated glass, automotive glass, solar glass and more.

Xinyi Glass products applications in Ontario

Bank of Canada, Ottawa

Viva Transit Stations, York Region

Union Station, Toronto

Distillery District Apartments, Toronto

Partnered with Canadian Professionals, The Plant Will be Built to Respect the Environment

Advanced Manufacturing

The 1.1 million sq. ft. Xinyi Stratford facility will have two float glass production lines.

These two float glass lines will be equipped with the most innovative engineering design in the manufacturing, cooling, cutting, handling and the storage of glass – the most energy efficient float glass manufacturing facility in North America.

The workplace is exceptionally clean, high-tech, fully automated and controlled, with superior technology throughout.

The production lines are designed to provide operational flexibility, capable of producing a full range of glass thicknesses in various sizes in quick response to changing demands in the Canadian market.

Float Glass Manufacturing – Packing

Float Glass Manufacturing – Control Room

Float Glass Manufacturing – Annealing

Float Glass Manufacturing
A Centralized, Automated, Computer-controlled Manufacturing Process that is continuously monitored by Canadian workforce

  • Raw product is brought in on rail car (including sand, soda ash and limestone – all naturally occurring products)
  • Products are stored in silos until ready to be used
  • Products are mixed and fed into the furnace
  • Finished product, Glass is rolled out and “floated” onto a tin bath to achieve an extremely flat glass sheet
  • Water in an enclosed system is used for indirect cooling of glass; water re-circulated for reuse and discharged intermittently
  • Glass is cut into various sheets and edges are recycled into new glass
  • Glass stock sheets are stored in warehouse racking
  • Loading of glass occurs within enclosed warehouse on trucks, with no external loading docks
  • Glass is shipped to markets by truck

Xinyi Glass

A Worldwide Leading Glass Manufacturer

Xinyi Glass has been a global leading glass manufacturer

since being listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005,

with service and customer networks covering 140 countries.

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